Nitro on The Campfire

The following is a collection of new rules and modifications to the V6 Engine for “Folk Tales of The Wasteland”

New Rules:

Folk Legend Skill: Along with the Skills listed in Atomic Highway an additional Skill is used. All characters begin the game with 1 in Folk Legend to showcase their burgeoning legend. You may put additional points in the Skill like any other, as well when you do truly legendary things to strength the folk story your Skill will also increase by one.

Occult Skill: Along with Folk Legend the Occult skill is new in this game. It represents a character’s knowledge of various religious or spiritual practises, or knowledge of legends of the wastes.

Folkhero Fortune Ability: Alongside the normal Fortune abilities listed in Atomic Highway (pg. 64), “Folk Tales of The Wasteland” also has a unique, powerful ability for each Folk Legend. This ability takes up all 5 Fortune Points. As well the Fortune points do not come back at the beginning of each session. Certain Folk Legends are more restrictive on how Fortune can be regained.

Dramatic Success: Whenever a player rolls 5 natural 6s, they score a dramatic success. This success creates a feat worthy of folk tales by itself, usually dramatically helping the PC.

Perks: Along with the immediate benefit of a Dramatic Success, a player also receives a Perk. They are small minor bonuses related to the success that stays with the character. Typically in the form of an additional skill point to spend in specific circumstances.


Random Gear: At the start of the game players roll thriceon the scavenger table to determine additional starting equipment. May be utilized for extra roleplaying opportunities.

Initiative: “Folk Tales of The Wasteland” uses the optional Initiative rules. Roll a dice and add your Nimbleness to determine Initiative ranking.

Reactions Reduce Actions: Once more using an optional rule for Reactions. Instead of a success or failure for blocking/dodging/parrying using Reactions, the successes on the Reaction reduce the successes of the attack.

Survive Skill and Random Encounters: The combined Survive score amongst the players is used to determine how positive any random encounters are.

Crafting: Weapons can be modified using the Tech skill and the appropriate material. An example would be explosive arrows.

Nitro on The Campfire