Licking The Salt

Over the years language has changed and many new words have entered the lexicon of the Wasteland. Some are modifications of old words, some Native American in origin and others entirely new creations.

Wicked: Something incredible, usually used in connection to something horrendous.

Hi-Octane: Someone who is crazed or incredibly furious/full or rage.

The Before/The Now: The term used to describe the current state of the world and what it was like before the bombs fell. Some use “The Before, Before” to distinguish the time before the bombs fell and between then and the Plains War.

Plains War: A almost mythic war fought many years ago across the Great Plains. It pitted the isolated Native tribes and reforming settlers against a two pronged assault by two The Big Gov armies. The stories say they alone beat back their great mechanized armies and that many of the raiders that inhabit the wastes are descendent from that army.

The Big Gov: A term used to describe the United States government in The Before.

The Big Sell: A term used to describe religion.

God’s Salesman: A term used to describe pastors, preacher-men, anyone who proselytizes.

Spewed: Dying in a horrendous way.

Revving: Any form of adrenaline from drugs, being in a fight, getting hyped up before a fight, etc.

Fang It: Is another version of ‘floor it’ or other such terms.

Blackthumb: Someone who knows how to maintain and fix machinery, especially vehicle engines.

—Boy/Girl: A common title for jobs that are widely available and populated by mainly the young and expendable.

Furious Fix: An addiction, obsession, or anything that will drive someone to no end.

Licking The Salt