General Cheat Sheet

General Rolling:

1) Choose appropriate Attribute for the situation.
2) Choose appropriate Skill for the situation.
3) Roll Attribute d6s. Any 6s are a success and can be rerolled.
4)Add Skill Points to bump up dice rolls to a 6 for additional success.

Attribute Only: In situations where Skills are irrelevant or unspecific you use Attribute both for dice and Skill Points.

Critical Success/Failure:

If you roll 5 or more natural 6s, you gain a critical success. This means an automatic success at your task as well as additional narrative bonuses.

If you roll all 1’s on your d6s you suffer a critical failure. You may still succeed (if you have 5 in a Skill for example) but something else detrimental occurs.

Competing Rolls:

If two characters or more are making conflicting rolls you follow the normal rolling rules with the following addendum:

1) If only one character achieves any Successes, they win.
2) If two or more competing characters achieve Successes, the character with the highest number of Successes wins.
3) If characters have the same number of Successes, the character with the highest Skill being used wins.
4) If characters have the same level of Skill, the character with the highest Attribute being used wins.
5) If characters have the same Attribute value, the contest is a tie, with no clear winner, as interpreted by the Gamemaster – two knife-fighters might lock blades momentarily, for example.

Success Needed:

Most of the time only one success is needed to achieve your goal. However sometimes harder tasks can have up to 5 success required to succeed.



Using the highest individual Attribute and Skill of those involved in the task. Each additional person assisting add a single dice and Skill Point to the dice roll of the highest player.

Earning Fortune:

While the easiest way for players to earn Fortune is through their individual character’s method. You can also gain Fortune through other ways. These include:

1) Cool Dialogue: You come up with a particularly cool or witty and original one-liner, comeback or phrase that your characters says.
2) Cool Stunts/Descriptions: You come up with an evocative or creative description of something your character does.
3) Dedicated Play: You show dedication to the game and everyone’s enjoyment.
4) Good Characterization: You portray your character’s personality traits memorably and accurately, even going so far as to portray them that way when doing so makes their life difficult.
5) Good Problem Solving/Creative Thinking: You come up with creative and viable solutions or plans to the obstacles that your character encounters in-game.
6) Good Team Play: You show that you place the success of the PC group ahead of the success of your own individual character.
7) Heroism: You put your character’s life in jeopardy to do the right thing. No awards for doing so if it unnecessarily imperils the other PCs though; there’s a fine line between heroism and brash stupidity.

General Cheat Sheet