Exploration Cheat Sheet

Exploring the Hex Map is a key component of the campaign with it’s own set of rules.

Crossing a Difficult Hex:

To accurately transverse a Hex which has weather or landscape difficulties into another one a character (or team of characters) must make a either a Senses/Survival or Notice(relying on geography, the sun, etc.) or Understanding/Lore or Notice (using maps, old road signs, etc.) to move from one Hex to another with accuracy. A single success is required, failure means you end up in a random Hex. It takes a day to travel from one Hex to another without stopping.

Exploring a Hex:

While key landmarks are immediately available on the Hex upon entering others must be found. A player can roll Senses/Survival or Notice (to blindly explore a Hex) or they may roll Understanding/Lore (to try and locate something specific in a Hex). Each success reveals an additional landmark. Each roll takes a day. Players may travel together and use teamwork or alone and make individual rolls.

Looking Ahead

At any time a player may choose to look around for any obstructions, signs of danger, etc. The further away they look the harder the difficulty to spot anything.

Short: 1 Difficulty
Long: 2 Difficulty
Distant: 3 Difficulty and requires equipment

Resource Expenditure:

Days spent either exploring or travelling through a Hex uses up resources. The rate of resource usage is listed below.

  • Food: 1/week per character/animal (including mounts)
  • Water: 1/day per character/animal (including mounts)
  • Guzzoline: 1/day of travel

Current Resources:

Food: 30
Water: 30
Guzzoline: 18

Exploration Cheat Sheet