Fire on The Horizon

The following locations are situated with Five Hills as the centre. As the start of the story/the first location revealed on your map it is the ideal centre point.


  • The Sliver (Five Hills) – A old mine now brought back to life again. Mining for anything of value.
  • Charcoal Hill (Five Hills) – The old forest remains still scatter the hills of Five Hills. Charcoal Hill is dedicated both excavating charcoal as well as finding usable wood within the remains.
  • Creek Road (Five Hills) – The centre of the Five Hills. Creek Road is where the majority of people live, the home of both economic and political power. As well as the location of the only working water and electrical wind mill.
  • The Green (Five Hills)- The Green is a large stretch of land that follow the river out of Creek Road, using power from it to help irrigate fields and feed the community.
  • Keyrock (Five Hills)- To the far south, Keystone is the most fortified community. Considered more of an outpost it gives first warning of impending assaults from the south and the coming of the Black Flood.


  • The Faces: A landscape littered by giant weather worn faces carved into mountainsides. Over time others have copied and now the landscape is changed into one of leering faces from the smallest pebble to the largest petrified tree.
  • The Wire: The most common and deadly threat to the Five Hills are the Buzzard raiders. These raiders make their home in The Wire a series of still standing power lines, heavily fortified and used as lookout points to spot prey from afar for their “Wakes” to sweep in and feed.


  • The Reef: Only talked about in the hushed tails of those who have ventured deep south, into the red sands. They say the sky turns yellow and the sun green; the ground hard and yellow like the sky, bubbling pools of toxins releasing the smell of sulphur. In the distance stands great black pillars waving like monstrous arms.


  • The Lick: A large stretch of desert that is slowly encroaching deeper into the plains. The only people who have crossed it and lived are said to be the Dogs of God.
  • The Crags: Along the west of the country is a mountain range of stained black stone. Deep crags, gorges and valleys cut through it. Folk tales talk of dark things that hide within the mountains.

Fire on The Horizon